Friday, October 24, 2008

Jewelry making

I've been crafting a lot this week, trying to stock my shop for Christmas! I worked on some new jewelry to update with!

Vintage Upcycled Necklace (by glamourfae)

Here is an upcycled necklace I made using a vintage metal filigree medallion. I added the chain and the dangle bead and sparrow.

Sparrow dangle (by glamourfae)
Medallion detail (by glamourfae)

I also made some simple beaded bracelets

Icicle Bracelet (by glamourfae)
Purple and yellow bracelet (by glamourfae)
Rainbow glass bracelet (by glamourfae)


Alisa Nordholt-Dean said...

I love your new pretty!!!

elizabethjayne said...

That necklace is awesomely fabulous.

I just realized you're not on my blogroll for some reason, and I am rectifying that immediately!

How's the crafting been lately?