Sunday, August 10, 2008

Four sales today!

Imagine my excitement when I got to the hotel in New Orleans and signed online to see that I had four sales today! This is the most items I've sold in one day's time at my new shop. I know it might seem small to some of the more successful Etsians, but I was beginning to get a little worried about my sales. I started to think that my shop was useless and no one would really like my crafts. But this has given me a little more hope and drive to keep creating! Mind you, two of my items were vintage photographs, but the other two were new items I made. They were definitely my favorite cell phone charms from the last etsy update:

I really love being a part of Etsy. Crafting has always been a favorite past time of mine and it feels so wonderful to know that others are enjoying my work. Since I am getting overly cheesy now, I will sign off for the night. I have to wake up bright and early to fly all day!


Jewelry Rockstar said...

Man those are pretty!!! Love the phone charms

VivaVariety said...

Thanks! They are fun to make!