Saturday, September 27, 2008

Look Ma, it's a box!

While watching the debate last night, I made some gift boxes to get ready for the holiday rush (at least, I hope there will be a rush)! I recycled some Starbucks nutritional facts pamphlets and also used some extra scrapbook paper I had. Hopefully I will get some sales soon so I can send them out in these snazzy boxes!

Recycled paper boxes (by glamourfae)

Recycled paper boxes (by glamourfae)

Is anyone going to offer gift wrapping or anything extra for the holidays?


KitschKrafts said...

I busted out laughing when I saw these pics this morning because last week I obsessively made these boxes while working my 9 to 5 and listening in on conference calls, etc. I have a nice little pile too and I planned to use them for gift boxes this holiday season. HA! Great minds.....right?


VivaVariety said...

I guess so!! I got tired of making them after only these four. I must not have as much patience as you!!

Paper Girl Productions said...

Yes I'm going to try to get some gift wrapping soon as I finish dropping coins into this bank...hahaha!!

Danielle said...

I love these boxes. I send all my product out in them . . . for shipping.

tip you can make an x on the wrong side fo the paper and fold into it so you don't get that x on the top of the box.

They are so great for the holiday season and fun to make out of heavy wrapping paper too.